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An illustration showing the three core components of the Valuedesk solution for more cost efficiency: Systematics, Coaching and the central cloud software solution.

Discover our 3 performance boosters.

Secure your operating result. Our unique combination of specialized systematics, regular performance coaching sessions and an easy to use cloud software make sure your bottom line stays on track — year after year.

An illustration showing the first core component of the Valuedesk solution for more cost efficiency: Systematics.

The system of efficiency champions.

Most companies fail to improve their cost efficiency on an annual basis. This is not surprising, since important concepts, competencies, experience and tools are usually missing. Increasing efficiency thus becomes an uphill battle and valuable potential collects dust in spreadsheets.
Our solution
We show you a better way. Use the same systematics that some of the most efficient companies and industries use to leverage their cost/benefit potential with exceptionally high adoption and collaboration.
Learn from the best

Unleash your untapped potential.

Unclear processes, lack of cooperation between departments or inefficient potential management - countless cost/benefit potentials are hidden in every company. The bad news: Isolated projects will only ever be able to combat symptoms. The good news: We have identified the keys that turn efficiency into a holistic process.
Leverage potential systematically

Fix the cause, not the symptoms.

With Valuedesk, you'll put an end to efficiency projects and establish a completely new way of working in your company. Leverage hidden cost-benefit potentials with internal and external stakeholders in a structured, transparent and sustainable manner.

An illustration showing the second core component of the Valuedesk solution for more cost efficiency: Coaching.

Reach your performance goals faster.

Big changes need endurance, a clear set of rules and the right balance. If you expect your organization to do too much in too short a time without considering the general conditions, your teams will run out of breath. The result: little motivation for efficiency measures and a lot of frustration. Additionally, every now and then there will be a lack of internal special competencies that are required for the successful completion of a performance measure.
Our solution
Our performance coaches strengthen your efficiency process. It all starts with customized onboarding and goal setting. Regular analysis, benchmarks and recommended actions keep your bottom line on-track. Our decade-long expertise is just a phone call away for you at any time.
Accellerate your results

Your new performance board.

No hotline or waiting in line - when you need help or your goals waver, our experts are already on the job. Our performance of service team sees itself as a sparring partner, trustworthy expert support and proactive control function for your complete service lifetime.
Protect your operating result
3. Software

One intuitive software for all ideas and efficiency measures.

Improvised spreadsheet solutions or complicated special software overwhelm many employees and hinder cross-departmental collaboration. In many cases, isolated solutions are also in circulation. It is almost impossible to integrate all internal and external stakeholders into an "operating system" for efficiency measures.
Our Solution
Our Value Management System (VMS) combines the advantages of a collaboration platform with the precision of financial tools. Get full visibility into which initiatives are delivering the greatest P&L impact and which measure is at risk of being lost in the day-to-day.
Discover all VMS features

This is where ideas become competitive advantage.

Successful long-term cost efficiency requires more than annual targets and an Excel spreadsheet. Discover the variety of specialized features that make our Value Management System (VMS) the best tool for collaborative efficiency improvements.
Combine teamwork and financial effects

More than 200 million euros leveraged.

The most efficient companies from a wide range of industries use Valuedesk to get more out of their bottom line.

Get to know our customers

This could save you millions.

Get a commitment-free and neutral indication of your current cost efficiency. Identify the first hidden cost/benefit potentials in your company. We promise: Regardless of further cooperation, you will be able to use the results profitably for your company.

A completely new way to prepare your company for the future.

Still unsure whether Valuedesk is the right solution for your company? In the summary below, we have compiled the most important differences to classic savings projects for you.

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One time projects
Continuously increasing competitiveness, involving and developing employees
Corporate restructuring or isolated measures
Medium to long term
Short term
Implementation intensity
Flexible, empathic, motivating
Very high, tiring
Participation and development of internal competencies
Transformation strength
Very high
Low to medium
Specialized, easy-to-use cloud solution
Distributed spreadsheets or complicated software solutions
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