Our cooperation with Valuedesk is really exhilarating!



MARANTEC Company Group

Drive and control technology


The goal is clearly defined: the Marantec Company Group wants to optimise € millions through consistent use of Valuedesk. Initial successes can be seen after only five months – and the process has only just begun.

Since 1957, Marantec has been developing and manufacturing technically innovative drive and control systems and security and comfort elements from its headquarters in Marienfeld in the eastern Westphalian Lowland for all types of private and commercial gates. The products are marketed in over 70 countries around the world, and the company has production plants and subsidiaries in Europe, the UK and the USA.


“We are cooperating with Marantec, actively working simultaneously at several levels to achieve the defined goal”, explains Torsten R. Bendlin, CEO of Valuedesk. The crux of this optimisation process is the establishment of a systematic procedure for the identification and processing of new savings potential, and the intuitive Valuedesk solution helps here. Employees in a wide range of areas received targeted training and were sensitised to cost optimisation in accompanying workshops and training courses. Simultaneously, accompanying measures realised jointly between Valuedesk and the Marantec Group encouraged the cooperation of individual departments, but primarily promoted and strengthened it sustainably across different plants. And because success provides the motivation to achieve further success, potential which is identified and its implementation are appropriately visualised.


Cooperation with Valuedesk commenced in September 2019, and a lot has already changed after only five months. All ideas that employees have relating to potential savings are transparently and directly visible on the Valuedesk dashboard, since they no longer have to go through hierarchical and decision-making stages. The exchange between departments and plants is much more direct and employees are pulling together. Measures can be processed and decided quickly and considerably more effectively. The Valuedesk software facilitates or even enables control of the many measures and activities involved. It has already developed to become the central collaboration platform for all improvement measures within the Marantec Company Group.


Sensitivity to constructive savings potential has increased significantly, and the approach to optimisation processes is more systematic.  In all areas involved in value creation (production, purchasing, logistics, etc.), development at a personal, content and methodological level is clearly discernible. Initial savings have already been registered. “On the one hand, Valuedesk provides us with the perfect platform to identify our savings potential in broad terms, to manage it and implement it as quickly as possible while, on the other, it aids us in networking employees and making them responsible players in our team. Both of these outcomes were desired by us in advance when we sought cooperation with Valuedesk – and we are now getting the results we wished for. This is both inspiring and motivational”, says Kerstin Hochmüller, Chief Executive at Marantec.

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