What I find most impressive about Valuedesk is the simplicity

Ole Tilker

Head of Purchasing

Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG



Is it possible to replace a patchwork quilt of previous savings measures through a centralised and flexible process and achieve this over numerous countries in the context of an international purchasing organisation? This major project is progressing successfully with Valuedesk. The results are evident, with clearly measurable cost savings, greater transparency and more effective collaboration.

“The particular challenge in this cooperation is to be found in the complexity of the organisation structure. The aim is to network employees from different countries in a single unit that can cooperate in a cloud-based, overarching environment”, explains Valuedesk founder Torsten R. Bendlin. Introducing the Valuedesk solution in International Purchasing aims to establish a regulated and innovative process for cross-functional cost optimisation. Simultaneously, knowledge of ongoing optimisation processes across the corporate structure of Dr. Oetker should be made available and cooperation should be improved. This is the goal pursued by the global player in the food sector.


Introduction of the Valuedesk solution began in 2018 on a small, voluntary basis in International Purchasing – and soon convinced all involved. Expansion to the complete international lead buyer level quickly followed. Clear process owners were specified and a weekly board established for decision making. Valuedesk will ultimately be used as an expressive tool in cross-functional workshops and in central reporting, offering the company and employees a wealth of added value. “What I find most impressive about Valuedesk is the simplicity with which it records savings ideas and the fact that their progress and the anticipated € savings are available at all times in a transparent form in Valuedesk. Additionally, collaboration is only a few clicks away”, says Ole Tilker, Head of Purchasing at Dr. Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG.


The results so far are impressive. Thanks to Valuedesk, the regulated process for detecting and implementing savings measures has long been routine in International Purchasing. Employees take a methodical approach to optimisation processes. Information is available everywhere and at all times. The general transparency achieved means that all decision-makers today know which measures are currently up to date.


And the process continues, with Dr. Oetker currently planning to connect further departments and external partners to the Valuedesk solution.

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