Value creation through appreciation

Open Value Innovation

What is the Open Value Innovation?

The Open Value Innovation stands for transparency and appreciation in a relationship area within and outside of a company. This includes employees from all departments as well as suppliers and consultants.

Within a company, Open Value Innovation is characterized by openness and curiosity as well as by a pronounced interest in current technologies and procedures of all employees. A central point is to create a corporate culture that promotes lateral thinking and cost awareness in equal measure. Employees in all departments must be encouraged to question the status quo and try out new things. Established procedures, processes and purchasing strategies must also be put to the test – not just once, but again and again. Arguments such as “We have always done it this way” must be a thing of the past.

In addition, external company influences, such as suppliers and consultants, should also be integrated into this project. They should be given the opportunity to present new ideas and innovations. Often these fail already in the run-up – not because of the idea generation – but because of the later implementation due to missing control. The solution at this point is a digital and easy-to-use innovation process that automatically gives the idea generator more attention and the respective processing status.

The mutual appreciation of the parties plays an important role at this point. Only if close partnerships are established and innovative strength is combined can positive long-term financial effects be achieved for all sides.

Preferred Supplier

What is a Preferred Supplier?

The Preferred Supplier is a supplier where the customer is particularly interested in a sustainable business relationship. In order to strengthen future competitiveness, it is essential to promote and use the innovation potential of the supplier in a more targeted and systematic manner. The appointment of the supplier as Preferred Supplier is to be understood as the starting signal for a more binding and measurable innovation partnership.

What are the advantages for the supplier?

Exclusive member

It is a privilege to be a “Member of value innovation”. Only selected suppliers are allowed to participate in this exclusive programme. This is intended to strengthen the partnership.

More attention

The idea submitted by email to receives broad and lasting attention from the customer. It becomes visible to all relevant decision-makers not only in the customer’s purchase.

More transparency

With every idea submitted via email to, the supplier automatically receives feedback via email about every significant progress of his idea. If the visibility of the idea is approved by the customer, the supplier can also gain deep insight into the implementation process of his idea.

Sale through added value

Value-oriented innovations must be financially measurable. This is the only way to increase the chance of realization. The supplier can significantly increase his value to the customer by successfully implementing measures that have arisen from his idea.

Representation of the Innovation Force

Every idea submitted via email to pays into an innovation account. But what counts most is the quality of an idea. In particular, the degree to which the idea has been realized by the customer is evaluated. The Value Innovation Score (VIS) calculates the innovation efficiency of the supplier.

Winner of the Supplier Value Award

The Supplier Value Award is presented by the customer to honor suppliers with exceptional innovation efficiency. The respective VSI value of the supplier forms the basis for this.

How do ideas and innovations reach customers?

To make it as easy as possible for the supplier, an extremely simple technology has been developed: in order to submit an idea to the customer, the supplier only has to send one email per idea to the central email address that he has received from his customer. It has the following format: In the subject line of the email, the supplier briefly describes his idea. In the text part follows the further description. All file attachments of the email are automatically transferred to the database of the customer. Photos attached to the email are even displayed in the internal customer newsfeed and thus increase the customer’s attention considerably.

In Kurzform. So gelingt der Prozess:

In short. How the process works:

  1. Send idea individually by email to
  2. In the subject line of the email, briefly describe the idea
  3. Confirm your email address once
  4. Every idea receives emails with progress feedback
  5. Every idea pays into the innovation account of the customer

Tip: To start your first idea can be a joint innovation lever workshop. Here you generate new ideas for your customers on the basis of different methods. It usually lasts 3-4 hours. This can be booked with your credit on your black Preferred Supplier Card.

Copy and paste into your subject line of your email to :

“Start Innovation Lever Workshop!

The Preferred Supplier Card

What's that?

For special appreciation, the supplier receives the black Preferred Supplier Card from his customer. It has not only a lot of symbolic power, but also special benefits:

1. Here you will find the central email address for your ideas. It is embossed and has the format

2. The 10-digit VD number on the card is your company identification number and is already stored at Valuedesk. With this number you can later monitor the ideas you have already sent to all your customers and start an Open Value Innovation in your company and with your suppliers.

3. The validity date indicates the end of the current innovation period. The Supplier Value Award will then be presented.

4. A credit balance is stored in coins on the chip of the card. The amount of this credit is determined by the customer. With this credit you can book innovation lever workshops at Valuedesk. Or take part in other events, promotions or software tests about which you will be informed later. The credit can only be redeemed at Valuedesk GmbH.

The Supplier Value Award

The Supplier Value Award is presented at the end of the innovation period to suppliers who have achieved exceptional innovation efficiency. The award is presented by the customer’s management and purchasing department and is the highest form of recognition.

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