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A visualization of the home screen of Valuedesk's Value Management System.
Successful long-term cost efficiency requires more than annual targets and an Excel spreadsheet. Discover the wide range of specialized features that make our Value Management System (VMS) the best tool for sustainable efficiency improvements.

What makes our Value Management System (VMS) stand out?

An illustration showing three different screens of Valuedesk's Value Management System: The Methods Explorer (MEx), the Activities screen and the Reports screen.

The main features of our VMS at a glance

Built for efficiency

All tools for increased cost efficiency in one place

Designed from the ground up to achieve one goal: Enable you to create maximum value from your own efficiency measures. Combine specialized methodological knowledge, powerful workflows and tools that satisfy even the most demanding finance teams to realize your full potential.

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Optimal processes for maximum efficiency
Companies that implement a large number of measures can quickly lose track of their activities. Our VMS makes sure, this will never happen to you again. Guide all measures through a guided, standardized process and use workflows and notifications so that nothing gets lost. Achieve more and always keep track of your efficiency initiatives.
Benefit from our best-practice processes
Collaborative optimization without compromise
Accurate financial impact capture or powerful collaboration tool? You won't have to choose - Valuedesk combines both in a single tool. We deliver KPI frameworks you'll love to work with.
Combine implementation and financial effects
An illustration showing a mockup of Valuedesk's Methods Explorer (MEx) inside their Value Management System (VMS).
Explore a vast database of efficiency methods
Are you short on new approaches and methodological knowledge? Access over 130 proven methods with step-by-step instructions in our Value Management System (VMS). Discover blind spots and new performance levers for your company with the help of our method explorer.
Discover more than 130 proven methods
Das Portrait von Michael Sterz, einer der Kunden von Valuedesk.
Michael Sterz
Sr. Dir. Corporate Purchase Governance,
Phoenix Contact
„We looked at many project management applications, savings trackers and controlling tools. No other solution offers this intersection of controlling, collaboration and purchasing focus.“
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Your single point of truth for enterprise-wide value improvement
Eliminate inefficient processes when it comes to value-added actions. Consolidate all collaboration, including communications, documents, calculations, activities, and history in one place.
Keep your enterprise-wide value contributions in order
Greater transparency and teamwork
Measures often fail due to a lack of attention. Follow other colleagues' work from other areas and at other locations. This motivates and inspires new ideas.
Benefit from more teamwork and transparency
An illustration showing many different departments and external stakeholders contributing their ideas for more efficient processes with the help of Valuedesk's Value Management System (VMS) software.
Enable ideas without boundaries
Great ideas come from everywhere. Reach out and get new optimization ideas from all areas of your company or from external partners, such as suppliers or customers, directly into your Valuedesk — even without account access. Simply send ideas for new measures to Valuedesk by e-mail!
Leverage the knowledge of your network
Kerstin Hochmüller
CEO, Marantec
„Without Valuedesk, we wouldn't have been able to realize cost efficiencies in this systematic way and to this extent. You have exactly the tool we need to implement cost optimization transparently and together as a team.“
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Collaborative and easy to use

Break down silos and achieve more as a team

Big effects can only be achieved by working as a team. That's why simplicity and collaboration are at the heart of Valuedesk. The result: a high level of acceptance, more potentials are found, implementation is accelerated, measures that cannot be implemented are quickly discovered, and effects are realistically assessed and validated.

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High transparency

Leave no measure behind

Full transparency of all value-adding measures from all areas of the company. Close the gap between the definition of measures and their hoped-for successful completion. You no longer have to rely on monthly status updates in presentations and lists. Any question about progress can be answered at any time and in real time in Valuedesk.

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Identify blocked activities at a glance
Activity is the vital sign of a measure. With Process Pulse, it takes just seconds to get an overview of measures that are actively being worked on and those that are not.
See the status of your actions at any time
Tailor-made views and reports
Create exactly the views you need! What measures is my team working on? Which measures are expected to take effect this year? Which measures haven't been worked on for more than two weeks? With Valuedesk, the answers to your questions are just one click away.
Keep an eye on your KPIs
Get a full history for all efficiency measures
If things move quickly, it's important to keep track of what happened and when. With Valuedesk, you'll get a complete history for every action, allowing you to track the exact course of actions even years later.
Effortlessly keep track of all changes
Kai Teckentrup
CEO, Teckentrup Door Solutions
„With Valuedesk, there is much more focus on costs across the entire organization, and we empower our teams to work in an agile way.“
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Reliable projections instead of crystal ball gazing
How much cost/benefit potential will you realize this fiscal year and how much next? Create forecasts and different scenarios so that you have reliable figures at all times.
Plan your profitability targets fast and with confidence
Custom dashboards and reports
Our flexible dashboards let you work the way you want. Arrange all your information the way you need it.
Create the dashboards you need
Your KPIs always in view
How many and which financial effects are coming from each business unit? Which fiscal years are affected? Every element on your dashboard is configurable. You decide which information is displayed.
Turn data into key insights
Ole Tilker
Head of Purchasing, Dr. Oetker
„What impresses me most about Valuedesk is the user-friendly way of capturing cost-saving ideas and having their progress and expected savings available in Valuedesk at any time.“
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Analysis and reporting

Finally, reliable predictions about your bottom-line effects are here

Analyze your data and make better decisions. In just a few clicks, you'll learn why actions fail, which business units contribute how much to success, and what you need to do today to reach your goal for the next fiscal year.

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