The systematics of efficiency champions.

We give you the keys that turn efficiency into a holistic process. Use the same working methods that exceptionally efficient companies and industries use to leverage their untapped potential.
Most companies fail to improve their cost efficiency on an annual basis. This is not surprising, since important concepts, competencies, experience and tools are usually missing. Increasing efficiency thus becomes an uphill battle and valuable potential collects dust in spreadsheets.
Our solution
We show you a better way. Use the same systematics that some of the most efficient companies and industries use to leverage their cost/benefit potential with exceptionally high adoption and collaboration.
A graph showing the different results of one-time cost efficiency projects vs. the Valuedesk process. One-time projects show an early spike in focus and results, where as the results through the permanent process implemented by Valuedesk increases over time and the topic remains relevant in the whole organization.

Fix the cause, not the symptoms.

With Valuedesk, you'll put an end to efficiency projects and establish a completely new way of working in your company. Leverage hidden cost-benefit potentials with internal and external stakeholders in a structured, transparent and sustainable manner.

Set goals without a crystal ball

Most efficiency goals are destined to fail from the start. Why? From the analysis of potential to the ultimate P&L effect, every company has very different challenges to overcome. Most potentials are missed in the process. Only through reliable historical data from your single point of truth or a lot of experience do you know how much potential really needs to be uncovered and implemented for your annual target.

Break down silos and achieve more as a team

In a efficiency culture, there's no room for silo thinking. That's why simplicity and collaboration are at the heart of Valuedesk. See what is possible when all internal and external stakeholders work together on potentials in our Value Management System (VMS). Expect these effects: increased acceptance, more transparency and found potentials, as well as accelerated decision-making and implementation.
Jochen Wilms
Solution Consulting,
former CEO @ Kerkhoff Cost Engineering
For me, the strength of our system is based on three essential pillars: First, we meet each company with a great deal of empathy where it really is at the moment. Second, depending on the level of maturity, we work with internal experts to identify open potential on an ongoing basis. Finally, we always know the next steps on your roadmap to becoming an efficiency champion.“
In illustration showing the eight different categories of efficiency measures inside the Valuedesk Method Explorer (MEx).

Explore a vast database of efficiency methods

Are you short on new approaches and methodological knowledge? Access over 130 proven methods with step-by-step instructions in our Value Management System (VMS). Discover blind spots and new performance levers for your company with the help of our method explorer.

Many starting points, but always one destination.

No matter how your processes are currently designed: We design an implementation concept tailored to your company and implement it together. We accompany you permanently on your way to a lived culture of efficiency, optimize your processes together and leverage more potential together.

This could save you millions.

Get a commitment-free and neutral indication of your current cost efficiency. Identify the first hidden cost/benefit potentials in your company. We promise: Regardless of further cooperation, you will be able to use the results profitably for your company.