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Valuedesk is a software solution that combines industry-proven methods with digital tools, enabling sustainable cost optimization throughout the entire company.

What is valuedesk?

The Valuedesk software solution helps to sustainably optimize costs and thus secure competitive ability in the future. We offer the methodology, process definition and system implementation that is aimed at establishing a powerful value management process in your company.


Maintaining competitiveness plays a relevant role for many companies today. This is made much easier for you by powerful software tailored to your needs and competent methodological knowledge.

Cost optimization

Capture your measures and costs in just a few steps and benefit from an accurate real-time analysis. Get a complete overview of implemented measures and create targeted measures for future cost savings.

Cost awareness

Through an employee-centric approach, it is possible to spark enthusiasm for enterprise-wide cost awareness.

Innovation support

The creation of a corporate culture in which lateral thinking and cost awareness are promoted in equal measure. Employees in all departments, but also external stakeholders (e.g. suppliers) should be encouraged to question the status quo and to propose and try out new and innovative ideas.

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Specify your turnover below. With the slider below you can see how many percent savings you can achieve which potential per year. Regardless of the company size, up to 5% savings can be achieved annually for every company using valuedesk. The involvement of internal and external stakeholders is also important for this.

Where is your company situated?


The concept behind it

With the unique concept of valuedesk, tailored to your needs: The right combination of software and service is the success factor for a sustainable contribution from your own company. Here we rely on the following four levers.


A common and binding data hub as a central location for measures and activities.


Lean implementation process with a standardized catalog of optimization methods.


Tough deadlines and PMO monitoring ensure on-time completion.


Through the physical and digital industry community develops the large practice-oriented method case.

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With the unique concept, tailored to your needs: The right combination of software and service is the success factor for a sustainable contribution from your own company. 

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