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Valuedesk is the Enterprise Savings Solution with which industrial purchasing generates more savings independently and permanently.

Our Solution

Our software is a fusion of technological elements, which as a whole has a unique effect on the implementation of cost-saving measures.

A streamlined yet highly flexible process enables measures to be recorded quickly. With the integrated value canvas, with 8 value levers and 80 underlying cost levers, the entire methodological knowledge of purchasing optimization can be defined.

Maximum transparency on the status of savings in purchasing, in the lead buyer organization and throughout the company.

Finally, all relevant evaluations and reports are available in real time.

In a large industrial community, comparable data structures and the necessary amount of data are created so that the vision of SEKO.AI (self-learning purchasing optimization) can only become possible in the future.

The Brands

We are trusted by a wide variety of companies:

The advantages

clear & intuitive

The tool can be operated intuitively without long training courses due to a clear user interface and the clear specialization on valuable savings measures in purchasing. Valuedesk depicts the status of all possible savings and added value in a clear and live manner, from the idea to its implementation.

transparent & interactive

With Valuedesk, ideas and measures can be shared with colleagues in an agile and uncomplicated manner, transparently understood and jointly processed. The smart, mobile tool simplifies communication and leads to fast, effective and measurable results.

uncomplicated & fast

Valuedesk takes a maximum of two days to implement and can be used without additional SAP connections. The tool thus provides initial concrete results immediately after deployment at no additional cost.

Why valuedesk?


We offer a suitable solution for industrial companies of any size and any level of maturity in strategic purchasing.


So that you take the measures that really help you to achieve your savings goal. For the first time you have everything in the overview and can start to control your purchase.


So that you reach your measures faster than before. Customers were able to implement their measures up to 70% faster!

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