The Measureprocess

Every effective measure starts with a simple idea. It's fun to capture an idea within 5 seconds on the go or from the desktop. The action process has been developed jointly with industry. It forms a digital bracket around the measures with attached documents, an individually adjustable visibility in the company, automatic history and the possibility to start activities in any degree of hardness.

The Pipeline

The pipeline view is the central overview of all measures. The entire potential and the intermediate results per degree of hardness are visible at a glance. With the help of various filters, important insights can be gained.

The News-Feed

In order to draw more internal attention to the value contribution of purchasing and to individual measures, a news feed is automatically created. It updates itself automatically with each relevant event, such as a new idea, or the completion of an action. The measures can be commented on from all end devices very easily. If a photo has been saved for an action, this is also displayed in the news feed.


The Anaylse area was developed together with many industrial companies and is therefore an industry standard. He not only answers all relevant questions regarding savings, he also asks the right questions. With many filters and settings, it is a powerful management tool.

The Grid

The grid offers an unlimited number of filtering and sorting options. Your own view can be set individually. With the help of various export options, the data can be further processed in other programs.


In order to avoid any loss of information, the software automatically sends messages to the affected users by e-mail in the event of many events. These can be set in detail in the profile, or turned off.