valuedesk for strategic purchasing


The challenges in procurement

Constant result securing

Customer demands on product and packaging

Act fast

A changing world of suppliers

Show innovations

Focus internal attention on the value contribution of purchasing

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What you will achieve with valuedesk

Generate financial benefits

Increase efficency

More transparency

A better knowledge transfer

Implement ideas faster and consequently

Better control of measures and ideas

Status of your measures

Analysis and reports

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The Advantages


With us you have the possibility to collect the ideas of all employees and to check them for their potential. This enables you to invest more time differently and let the whole company participate in reaching your savings target.


With our live feed, everyone in the company can comment and share your idea as soon as you approve your action. This also makes the management aware of the best ideas.

Value innovation

Our Value Innovation gives you the opportunity to use the dynamics and innovative power of your suppliers and makes those qualities measurable.

Generate savings

The Valuedesk Cloud Platform is a huge database consisting of your ideas and measures. It helps you to always know which savings potential still exists in your company.


Our platform offers you an unprecedented overview of all measures in your company. In addition to this simple feature, it is your personal action cockpit for controlling all necessary steps.