5 years for more added value.
We are Valuedesk.

Our history and values
Valuedesk was born out of the practical experience of German SMEs to make cost management in companies more efficient, sustainable and collaborative. The unique combination of specialized systematics, integrated performance management and intuitive cloud software enables companies to continuously improve the way they leverage their own potential.

Valuedesk at a glance

One of the most successful start-ups in OWL
Das Valuedesk Logo.
April 2017
Das Logo der Stadt Bielefeld.
Eine Illustration der Silhouette mehrerer Personen, stellvertretend für die Mitarbeiter von Valuedesk.
(April 2022)
Eine Illustration eines Graphen, welcher nach oben zeigt und Investitionen in das Unternehmen repräsentiert.
> 6 million euros
(UVC Partners among others)
Illustration einer Lupe
Focus customers
FROM 50 million to 5 billion euros
(annual turnover)
Illustration eines Sparschweins
Value added
> 700 million euros
(overall supported)

Our customers

Measures valued at more than 200 million euros supported
We work with local heroes and global market leaders. Companies from a wide range of industries, including mechanical engineering as well as the automotive, food, furniture and pharmaceutical industries, benefit from our flexible solution for better cost optimization.

Backed by leading investors and entrepreneurs

Andreas Bodczek
Andreas Bodczek
Passionate tech entrepreneur, seasoned board room executive.
Dr. Jan Brinckmann
Dr. Jan Brinckmann
Professor and business angel with a passion to empower entrepreneurs.
Dr. Daniel Holz
Dr. Daniel Holz
Angel investor and board member of various large tech companies.
Dr. Ingo Potthof
Dr. Ingo Potthof
Managing Partner at UVC Partners with >25 experience in high-tech.

Our mission

A brighter future for costs
We enable companies to work more cost-efficiently in the long term through systematic processes and advanced technology.

For us, efficiency means avoiding waste. It shows respect for resources and also for employees, who can prove their strength in a cost-efficient environment.

Cost-efficient companies can use their financial strength to invest meaningfully in the future, and they do not have to rely on short-term savings projects that often lead to job cuts and strained relationships with suppliers and customers.

Our values

What drives us

Learn and improve.

Everything we do is an opportunity to learn - and a day you learn something is a rewarding day. We generously share the knowledge we acquire. The more we teach, the more we learn ourselves - and the more successful we will be at Valuedesk.

Be human.

It's important to us that everyone at Valuedesk sees themselves as part of a brilliant team. We support each other and work together to make our company even better. In doing so, we always ensure that we work together in harmony.

Take ownership.

Think and act as if you would own the company. Make decisions, stand up for your ideas, face challenges and try new things. Some things may fail, but that's the only way we'll be successful in the long run.

More than fun.

Who doesn't want a workplace where they enjoy working? At Valuedesk, we go one step further. We are convinced that we achieve deep personal satisfaction when we carry out our projects with competence, creativity and team spirit.

Embrace reality.

At Valuedesk, we always try to look at reality as it is. We openly point out when something is not working and find a solution together. We change our minds when we have new information and openly admit mistakes.

The Valuedesk Story: 2016-today

Every great story starts small. This one is ours.
Idea and formation of the founding team
After seven successful years as CPO of the Nolte-Group, 46-year-old Torsten, father of two, is giving up secure employment to implement his own business idea and lead strategic purchasing into the digital future.
During Torsten's first pitch, he said that measures would fall from the sky like stars.
Torsten takes part in a pitch event with his idea and wins. The prize is participation in the Startup School of the Founders Foundation, a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Foundation, in Bielefeld. Here Torsten meets the two mathematicians and later co-founders Dennis and Ingo. The program director of the Startup School and leading expert on entrepreneurship from ESADE Business School, Prof. Dr. Jan Brinckmann, is enthusiastic about Valuedesk and becomes its first business angel.
The team grows, new office and major international customers
The team continues to grow and moves out of the Founders Foundation space.
Ein Gruppenbild der drei Gründer von Valuedesk mit ihren ersten Mitarbeitern. Alle springen in die Luft und sind gut gelaunt.Bild mit Fischaugen-Objektiv. Die drei Gründer von Valuedesk und ihre ersten Angestellten halten dicht gedrängt in einem kleinen Büro ein Meeting ab.
Ein Gruppenbild der drei Gründer von Valuedesk mit ihren ersten Angestellten. Diese stehen lachend in einem noch nicht fertiggestellten Büroraum und tragen Kleidung mit dem Valuedesk Logo.
First it's off to the premises of our friends from AI startup Semalytix. With our next big clients like Dr. Oetker and Körber, we are ready for our first own office in the Pioneers Club.
Further development into a company-wide solution
Savings are not a procurement issue. They affect the whole company. In cooperation with customers, the Valuedesk software evolves away from a pure purchasing solution to an enterprise-wide and collaborative solution.
Ein Bild es eines professionellen Workshops, in dem Ideen für Einsparideen im Unternehmen gefunden werden.
Our first "lever workshop". Together, we unlock millions in new savings potential.
In addition to software alone, Valuedesk now offers a holistic service that enables companies to save more on their own. Experts support customers in defining and adhering to a company-wide savings process.
Largest seed investment in East Westphalia-Lippe
To further accelerate growth and product development, Valuedesk raises capital from renowned Munich-based investor UVC Partners, the venture capital branch of UnternehmerTUM. Alongside UVC, business angels such as Dr. Daniel Holz, former CEO of SAP Germany and Vice President at Google Cloud, and Sascha Konietzke, founder of Contentful, are also participating.
400% team growth and a move to a prestigious address at the Bielefeld Old Market
The year 2021 is a special one for us in more ways than one. We are able to attract new talent to our team at an incredible pace. In addition, we seize the unique opportunity to move into a lavishly renovated office space in one of Bielefeld's most historic locations.
On 11.11.2021 the time has finally come: Our new offices are ceremoniously opened. Guests include Eduard R. Doerrenberg (Dr. Wolff Group), Dr. Daniel Holz (Google) and Dominik Gross (Founders Foundation), as well as many other top decision-makers from the region.
We were particularly grateful that Sebastian, Judith and Jan (pictured below), employees from the very beginning, are still with us and can inaugurate our new office space.
Foto mit Weitwinkel-Objektiv. Drei Mitarbeiter von Valuedesk durchschneiden feierlich ein Band mit Valuedesk Logos darauf. Im Hintergrund stehen und sitzen viele Gäste der Veranstaltung.
By 2021, 35 innovative people at Valuedesk are working every day to make the future of cost-saving measures a brighter one.
Ein Gruppenbild aller Valuedesk MItarbeitenden vom November 2021 nach der Eröffnung der neuen Bürofläche am Alten Markt in Bielefeld.
Expansion of the management team
The team continues to grow and it is time for the management team to expand. Jochen Wilms, former Managing Director at Kerkhoff Cost Engineering and Partner at EY, brings in further expertise in the field of cost optimization.
Now and in the future
We are working toward our vision of empowering all companies to realize their full value. In addition to growing the team and further developing our product, we are also working on making Valuedesk available to companies throughout Europe.

Now you know our story, we would like to hear yours!

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